by z'ev



remembering back to i think 2004 i had an idea for a 'virtual' trio project
so i requested source materials from 3 percussionists that i would produce mixes from matt hannafin i received
a variety of tracks of iranian drums and some of his work with cymbals and his cymbal drums
from steve hubback i requested and received from him a recording of his work in his foundry forging a cymbal
and i recorded ken hyder and myself playing one night in his basement studio
and so
from these materials i rendered time dilations and pitch shiftings and produced mixes from each of the 3 sources
well i thought that a good name for the project was Hz [as in hertz, obviously]
as coincidentally all 3 percussionists had H last names and were respectively
ireland is the land of matt hannafin's people
wales is the land of steve hubback's
and scotland is the land of ken hyder's
and i [the z] was producing the piece in england
and but so
so after all these many years mr hubback has initiated a digital release through the providence and provenance of pravadada


released June 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Pravdada Middelburg, The Netherlands

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