by z'ev



remembering back to i think 2004 i had an idea for a 'virtual' trio project
so i requested source materials from 3 percussionists that i would produce mixes from matt hannafin i received
a variety of tracks of iranian drums and some of his work with cymbals and his cymbal drums
from steve hubback i requested and received from him a recording of his work in his foundry forging a cymbal
and i recorded ken hyder and myself playing one night in his basement studio
and so
from these materials i rendered time dilations and pitch shiftings and produced mixes from each of the 3 sources
well i thought that a good name for the project was Hz [as in hertz, obviously]
as coincidentally all 3 percussionists had H last names and were respectively
ireland is the land of matt hannafin's people
wales is the land of steve hubback's
and scotland is the land of ken hyder's
and i [the z] was producing the piece in england
and but so
so after all these many years mr hubback has initiated a digital release through the providence and provenance of pravadada


released June 3, 2014


all rights reserved



Pravdada Middelburg, The Netherlands

Pravdada is a foundation established after 911 to promote compassion and cooperation through music. Established by Simon van Leeuwen (R.I.P) and E van Eck.
Main projects are
Zombies under Stress, Hiernaermaels, Vovo Kai and Steve Hubback.
Here you can find also other related projects, some in cooperation with friens or by friends.
we will prevail, peace and love for all!
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